The Syracuse Nationals played in three different arenas between 1946 and 1963. The team’s first arena was the Syracuse Armory Building and they played there from 1946 to 1948. In 1949 the Nationals began playing in the State Fair Coliseum, but once again only remaining there for three seasons. Finally, Onondaga County War Memorial arena became the Nationals home in 1951 until 1963 when the team moved to Philadelphia. The Nationals called Onondaga County War Memorial arena their home when they won their first championship in 1955. The arena still stands to this day playing host to minor league or college sports. However, the arena has since been renamed the War Memorial at Onondaga.

In 1964 the Nationals became the 76ers and they began playing their home games at in Convention Hall and Philadelphia Arena until 1967. The Spectrum would become the new home of the 76ers in 1967. In 1994 the Spectrum was renamed the CoreStates Spectrum 1994–1998 and until 1998 when it was renamed as the First Union Spectrum. Once again in 2003 the Spectrum underwent a name change, this time becoming the Wachovia Spectrum. The Spectrum could hold 18,168 fans. The Spectrum was also home to the statue of Rocky Balboa from the movie Rocky III. In 2010 the Spectrum was demolished and replaced by “Xfinity Live!”. In 1996 the Sixers moved into the newly built CoreStates Center, which underwent name changes along with the Spectrum. The arena is currently named the Wells Fargo Center. Wells Fargo Center has a capacity of 21,315.