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NBA 2K18 will feature ‘All-Time Teams,’ so we picked one for the Sixers

August 11th, 2017 at 2:05 PM
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For the 2K heads among us, nostalgia is a big sales point of the yearly basketball series. Entire game modes, including the yet-to-be-topped Jordan Challenge in 2K11, have been built around the return of some of the game’s legends to the digital space. This year, it appears we’re getting a different twist on the usual fare, and every NBA team will also come equipped with an All-Time Team, comprised of the best players in each franchise’s history.

Since it’s Friday in August, I figured we could have a little fun with this, and select an all-time team of our own for the Sixers, regardless of who the 2K team ends up choosing. Here’s who I would select for the starting five; feel free to yell at me/select your own team in the comments.

Point guard: Allen Iverson

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

I knew one thing heading into this exerciseâ??Iverson was going to be on the squad. But the positional designation messed with my head a bit, because it shapes how you select the other backcourt slot.

Theoretically, you could run out a backcourt of Iverson and say, Mo Cheeks, and that might actually be a better fit in some respects, with Cheeks playing more of the table-setter role alongside Iverson. But for the sake of this exercise, I was trying to get the “best” five out there, not necessarily the best fitting. Truthfully, if I was trying to build a more well-rounded team, I might leave off Iverson altogether, and attempt …

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