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Collins Rips Team as 76ers Continue to Show Lack of Heart

February 27th, 2013 at 1:56 PM
By Ian Kingsbery

Sitting at 22-33 and after their 6th straight loss, 76ers Coach Doug Collins finally voiced his extreme displeasure with his team. Tuesday night's 98-84 loss to the lowly Orlando Magic was seemingly the final straw and the coach held nothing back to the media as he ripped his team to shreds.

"I wish I knew. I really do. I gotta tell you. I'm sitting there." he said. "I gave my body to this franchise. I was never booed as a player. Never. I ran through my sneakers."

Collins was responding to the poor effort displayed by his team and the reaction that the home fans had. The Sixers were booed off the floor at home on a night when everyone seemed to give up. The Sixers' 12-13 season that started with so much promise, now looks like the team is farther in the hole then since Collins first arrived.

The Bynum trade doomed the Sixers for this season and whether or not he ever puts on a Sixers uniform, which is unlikely, the team needs to figure out its identity and show some heart. Coach Collins, although he is usually very pushy and stubborn, seems to have lost his energy and his locker room. 

The Sixers players are to blame. Bynum is to blame. And even Collins is to blame for the travesty of a season that we are all witnessing. But if they throw in the towel with this much time remaining, they will have lost much more then their season. They will have lost the support of the city that has been clamoring to show them love and embraced their past two playoff runs. But, in typical form, the Sixers continue to show no heart, so we as fans won't either.

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