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Philadelphia 76ers Overcome Turnover Problems to Beat Dallas Mavericks

November 27th, 2012 at 10:27 PM
By Ian Kingsbery

11/27/12 – On Tuesday the Sixers returned to action against the Dallas Mavericks. They were coming off a win on Sunday at home over the Phoenix Suns, where PG Jrue Holiday stepped up big time. In the Mavericks, the Sixers had a tough opponent and would have to bring their 'A' game even though Dirk Nowitzki remains out of the lineup. After going over a bit of a roster change this off-season the Mavs, like the Sixers, have a lot of new pieces. New acquisitions include C Chris Kaman, SG O.J. Mayo, PG Derron Collison, and of course former Sixer Elton Brand. For the Sixers to pull out a win tonight they would have to do a good job on the glass and find a way score with consistency.

The game began well for Philly who made their first 7 shots. Two three pointers from J-Rich and another from Turner prompted a 13-4 run and forced Dallas to call a timeout. But the Mavs responded with a 14-2 run of their own led by Kaman and Vince Carter to take the lead. The Sixers stumbled a bit at this point after committing their 6th turnover of the quarter. After 1 they trailed the Mavs 31-28. In the 2nd the Sixers got 8 points from rookie Maalik Wayns off the bench, but the Mavs bench was the real story accounting for more than 20. Elton Brand was visibly fired up to be playing his old team, and clearly had a chip on his shoulder about being 'amnestied' this past off-season. He and Kaman contributed a lot this quarter, but a Philly 10-2 run toward the closing moments kept the score tight. At the half the Mavs still led 56-53. In the 2nd half the Sixers would have to cut down their turnovers to win this one. To open the 3rd the Sixers had a 6-0 run to take the lead, but quickly the Mavs responded to keep it close. It wasn't until Evan Turner scored 7 straight points for Philly to close the 3rd that they retook the lead 75-73. In the 4th the Mavs would quickly tie it back up, but then they started having turnover problems of their own. Philly's defense was phenomenal at this point, leading to 6 straight Dallas turnovers and a 12-0 run for the Sixers. Things looked all but over for the Mavs, but 2 3's from Vince Carter and another from O.J. Mayo shrunk the score differential. Late in the game Jrue had two back-to-back bad possessions,  giving the Mavs the ball down 2 with 17 seconds to go. Mayo drew a foul with 2 seconds to go, but missed both foul shots. Jae Crowder put up a 3 at the buzzer, but to no avail. Sixers win a close one 100-98. 

Box Score:

Philly - 

1. Turner – 35:49 mins., 22 pts., 4 rebs., 4 asts., 2 TOs **** Player of the Game

2. Thad Young – 28:56 mins., 20 pts., 7 rebs., 1 ast., 1 stl., 1 TO

3. Jrue - 41:27 mins., 18 pts., 7 asts., 3 stls., 1 blk., 6 TOs

4. Maalik Wayns – 13:17 mins., 10 pts., 1 reb.

5. J-Rich – 30:45 mins., 6 pts., 8 rebs., 1 asts., 3 stls., 1 TO

6. Lavoy – 21:08 mins., 6 pts., 5 rebs., 2 asts., 3 TOs

7. Kwame – 15:42 mins., 6 pts., 8 rebs., 1 ast., 1 stl., 1 blk.

8. Hawes – 12:44 mins., 6 pts., 2 rebs., 1 stl.

9. Swag Young – 20:50 mins., 2 pts., 1 reb., 2 asts., 4 TOs

10. D Wright – 17:11 mins., 2 pts., 4 rebs., 4 asts., 1 blk.

11. Wilkins – 2:10 mins., 2 pts.


Dallas - 

Chris Kaman – 20 pts., 4 rebs., 3 TOs

Elton Brand – 17 pts., 8 rebs., 1 stl., 1 blk.

Shawn Merion – 17 pts., 8 rebs., 1 ast.

Vince Carter – 15 pts., 4 rebs., 3 asts., 1 stl., 1 TO

Darren Collison – 12 pts., 3 rebs., 6 asts., 5 stls., 4 TOs

O.J. Mayo – 11 pts., 5 rebs., 7 asts., 3 TOs


Good win for the Sixers in a game where they didn't control the ball like they usually do. Going into this game they were ranked 2nd in the league in turnovers per game, but had serious problems holding on to the rock in the 1st half. However, they were able to turn it around in time in the 2nd half when their stellar defense made Dallas turn the ball over 6 straight times in the 4th quarter. They also did a great job on the glass tonight out-rebounding the Mavs 40-37. Now that isn't by much, but whenever the Sixers win the rebound battle its a big deal. If Evan Turner was tonight's player of the game, Kwame Brown came in second place because of his tremendous impact on the defensive end. Brand and Kaman were dominating early, especially on Hawes, until Kwame came in to man up in the middle. He's starting to find his role on this team, which is to be a mountain of a man inside against the league's tough post players. Good overall effort although they almost gave up a late lead to the veteran Mavs. Next game Friday 7 p.m. @ Time Warner Cable Arena vs. the Charlotte Bobcats. CSN. More to come…

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