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Philadelphia 76ers Come from Behind to Beat the Toronto Raptors

November 20th, 2012 at 10:16 PM
By Ian Kingsbery

11/20/12 – On Tuesday night's game the Sixers returned to action in the last game of their home stand to take on the Toronto Raptors for the 2nd time this season. In their first meeting in Toronto, the Sixers took care of business with a 93-83 win. The bench came up clutch in this game, when J-Rich and Kwame were still hurt, and helped the Sixers seal the win. In tonight's game the Sixers would rely on the bench once again late in the game.

In this highly competitive contest, both teams battled all game long. In the 1st quarter both teams traded runs, but Toronto had the edge and led the entire quarter. The Sixers were getting burned on the pick n roll and the Raptors dominated inside. In the 2nd Philly responded with an 11-2 run to tie up the game. Swag P, Jrue, and J-Rich were on point tonight to lead the scoring effort. The game stayed very tight and was tied 51-51 at the half. Toronto was dominating the Sixers in points in the paint, fast-break points, and in rebounds. However, they were still in the game. In the 3rd quarter Toronto started to run. They had an 8-2 run, then another 12-0 run to grab a significant lead. For the Sixers, J-Rich got hurt this quarter when Kyle Lowry stepped on his head. When he went out the Sixers offense started to struggle and the Raptors took advantage. After 3 Toronto led 73-65. However in the 4th quarter things started to turn around for Philly. Swag Young carried the team and helped them to cut the lead. J-Rich returned to the game, hit a 3, and converted an and-1. Jrue Holiday led the charge and had a number of phenomenal dimes during the Sixers impressive run. This 20-6 run gave the Sixers the edge and they put the game away. Final 106-98.

Box Score:

Philly - 

1. Swag Young – 29:10 mins., 23 pts., 3 rebs., 4 asts., 1 TO *** Players of the Game

2. J-Rich – 32:00 mins., 21 pts., 3 rebs., 1 stl., 1 blk. ***

3. Jrue – 39:55 mins., 19 pts., 8 rebs., 12 asts., 3 stls., 3 TOs

4. Thad Young – 38:36 mins., 18 pts., 7 rebs., 2 asts., 2 stls., 2 blks., 2 TOs

5. Turner – 33:16 mins., 12 pts., 5 rebs., 4 asts., 1 TO

6. Hawes – 16:21 mins., 6 pts., 3 rebs., 2 asts., 2 blks., 1 TO

7. Lavoy – 24:58 mins., 4 pts., 6 rebs., 1 ast., 4 blks., 1 TO

8. D Wright – 14:08 mins., 3 pts., 4 rebs.

9. Kwame – 5:33 mins., 2 rebs.

10. Royal – 6:02 mins.


Toronto - 

DeMar DeRozan – 24 pts., 4 rebs., 1 stl.

Andrea Bargnani – 22 pts., 7 rebs., 1 ast., 1 stl., 2 TOs

Jose Calderon – 13 pts., 5 rebs., 12 asts., 2 TOs

Kyle Lowry – 13 pts., 7 rebs., 7 asts., 2 TOs

Jonas Valenciunas – 11 pts., 11 rebs., 3 asts., 3 blks., 1 TO


A very hard fought, well earned win for the Sixers. They trailed most of the game and were dominated inside by Toronto's bigs, Bargnani and Valenciunas. The guard combo of Lowry and Calderon also really stifled the Sixers, and it almost cost them the game. However the Sixers proved tonight that they are still the gritty, tough team from last year. J-Rich showed tremendous toughness when returning the game, Swag P literally put the team on his back when they needed it most and Jrue Holiday was brilliant once again in running the show. Impressive showing tonight, a big win that they can really build off of. Next game Wednesday 7 p.m. @ Cleveland Cavs. TCN. More to come…

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