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Philadelphia 76ers Outlast Utah Jazz to End Home Losing Streak

November 16th, 2012 at 9:51 PM
By Ian Kingsbery

11/16/12 – Friday's night game against the Utah Jazz was a chance for the Sixers to make up for their pathetic showing on Wednesday against the Detroit Pistons, where they lost by 18 at home. Doug Collins called it maybe the worst performance in his time as coach. It was imperative for Doug to motivate this team for the Jazz or else the Sixers would have a long night. In order to put an end to their 3 game losing streak at home, the Sixers would have to do a number in defending Utah's front-court in Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap. Kwame Brown, making his 2nd straight start, Lavoy Allen, and the rest of Philly's bigs needed to show that they can contend inside and gang rebound for the Sixers to have a chance.

The game began well for Philly. Jrue and J-Rich led the way with 2 3's a piece. A good defensive effort and a 7-0 run put the Sixers up by 10. To end 1 they were up 30-20, that's the most points they've scored in the 1st quarter this season. In the 2nd the Jazz had a 11-0 run led by Al Jefferson that cut the lead. With the game tight, the Sixers started to run. A 15-3 stretch led by J-Rich, Jrue, and Swaggy P gave Philly an edge and the 52-43 lead at halftime. They shot a remarkable 50% in the half and actually out-rebounded the Jazz by 1. A very nice turnaround from the last two games. To start the 3rd the Jazz had a quick 4-0 spurt, but Doug Collins called a timeout and layed down the law. The Sixers responded with a 10-2 run led by a J-Rich 3 and a couple buckets from Turner. For Utah, big man Paul Millsap was doing work and keeping them in the game with 14 points in the quarter. Philly held on to lead 71-64 after 3. The 4th began with a 7-0 Jazz run led by journey-man Demarre Carroll and Randy Foye to tie up the game. Then an 11-2 run by the Sixers led by Lavoy's o-rebounds, Thad, and Turner forced a Utah timeout. The two teams would trade runs and timeouts for the rest of the game. Well into the final seconds of the game the teams battled, with the Jazz hitting 3's and the Sixers making free throws. With 3 seconds to go Jrue swatted Paul Millsap to seal the victory. Final PHI 99 UTA 93.

Box Score:

Philly - 

1. Jrue – 41:19 mins., 26 pts., 6 rebs., 7 asts., 1 blk., 4 TOs

2. J-Rich – 35:30 mins., 20 pts., 8 rebs., 2 asts., 2 stls.

3. Thad Young – 30:38 mins., 14 pts., 8 rebs., 2 stls., 1 blk.

4. Swag Young – 20:27 mins., 12 pts., 1 stl., 1 ast.

5. Turner – 35:11 mins., 11 pts., 4 rebs., 4 asts., 2 TOs

6. Lavoy – 28:48 mins., 10 pts., 8 rebs., 3 asts., 2 blks.

7. Hawes – 12:30 mins., 4 pts., 3 rebs., 1 ast., 2 blks., 2 TOs

8. Kwame – 23:38 mins., 2 pts., 6 rebs., 2 asts., 1 blk.

9. Ivey – 6:41 mins., 1 TO

10. D Wright – 5:18 mins., 1 TO


Utah - 

Paul Millsap – 22 pts., 7 rebs., 3 asts., 4 TOs

Al Jefferson – 15 pts., 9 rebs., 3 asts., 2 blks.

Demarre Carroll – 17 pts., 5 rebs., 2 stls.

Mo Williams – 12 pts., 3 rebs., 5 asts., 1 stl., 2 blks.


The Sixers responded very well to all the criticism they've received due to their last two bad losses at home. They really showed up to get a much needed win. Give a lot of credit to the Sixers front-court. Lavoy Allen and Kwame Brown played some very good minutes tonight and did an admirable job against the hard nosed combo of Millsap and Jefferson. The win couldn't of happened without them and the excellent gang rebounding effort put forth by the Sixers. Another factor was the good shooting. They shot an improved 46% FG and an impressive 56% (10-18) from 3. J-Rich and Jrue were really impressive. Overall it was very good hard-fought effort from the whole team. A good site to see. Next Game Sunday vs. Cleveland Cavs at Wells Fargo @ 6 p.m. More to come… 

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