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Philadelphia 76ers: Player of the Week

November 9th, 2012 at 1:33 PM
By Jason Dumas


Jrue Holiday

In 76ers101 inaugural play of the week column, the nod goes to Jrue Holiday. Jrue got off to a solid start this season with a double-double against the Denver Nuggets to open the season. Then in a pair of losses to the New York Knicks, Holiday scored 27 and 17 respectively.

 In a win against the New Orleans Hornets, Holiday recorded his second double-double of the season with a 14 point, 12 assist performance. One thing Jrue can improve upon is being more aggressive. Most of Holiday’s points have come off jump shots. While it is nice to see his jumper falling, getting to the rim more often would do wonders for his game and the team in general.

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